S T TECH ENGINEERING SDN BHD was incoporated in October 1996. A company which specializes in multiple industrial engineering in the field of Controls Instrumentation, waste water treatment control system, smoke density monitoring system, dust/opacity monitoring system, engineering works, gas detection monitoring system, manufacturing of process machinery, providing consultancy services and continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) alongside with many other industrial necessity.

The Company Principle Activities

Our company involves in the supply, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of instruments / machineries in the following industries:

  • Control & Instrumentation for Boiler Industries – Boiler Water Level Control for High / Low level Alarm, Modulating feed water control system and water level controller
  • Smoke Density Monitoring System on waste fuel-fired Boilers and measurement of chimney’s smoke air quality analysis. Develop software for data transfer (DAS) to data interface system (DIS) to DOE state
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System – CEMSs
  • Industrial process control in general industries
  • Palm Oil mill – equipments supply, installation, etc.
  • Separators and Bowls for Palm oil mill, Latex concentrate factory, Yeast & tapioca plant, etc.
  • Air Pollution control Monitoring System / Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems – CEMSs
  • Dust Particulate / Opacity Analyser
  • Vertical Air Break Control for on/off control of boiler feed pump
  • Flow Measurement
    Flow Measurement for Stem/Water/Oil – Using orifice plate, rotameter, impellers
    River/Pond Flow measurement – Using Electromagnetic principle / Ultrasonic
    Open Channel Flow – Parshall Flume, V-Notch
  • Level / Pressure Measurement
    For vessels, reserviors – Using pressure bulb/peizo transmitter and differential pressure transmitter
    Magnetic level switches – For liquid/oil level alarm and pump control
  • Water Qualities Analyser / Gas Analyses
    Instruments for measurements and monitor of river, waste water and effluent water qualities – Using pH analyzer, conductivity meter, turbidity meter and dissolved oxygen analyzer
  • CCTV System
    Supply / install / commissioning
  • Spare Parts for Separators / Purifiers
    Separators’ spare parts – For Palm oil mills, Latex concentrate factories, Yeast and Tapioca plants, etc.Supply of – All kind valves / Actuators / Pumps / Level gauges, etc.