Isolated Voltage Converter CN-6000 series, with various functions, more-than-reliable quality and cost-effective, promise higher productivity than ever. Moreover, its 3 color display offers easier signal recognition at any working environments.


  • Clearer display by adopting 3-color LED
  • Multi input (TC/RTD/mV/mA, Pulse)
  • Excellent display by adoption of negative LCD
    (Selection of 3 different colors)
  • Indicating output scale by bar graph
  • Indicating the type of input signal and unit conversion
  •  A wide variety of output type (Current, Voltage, Alarm)
  • Isolated independent AO(Analog output) for channel 1&2 (0~10V, 0~20mA)
  • Input and output scale setting function
  • Input offset and slope compensation function
  • Peak hold function
  • Internal sensor power supply (24VDC)


Model CN-6000 Series
Power Supply 100-240VAC 50~60Hz/24VDC
Display 12 Segment, 4 low LCD display(Conversion of RED, GREEN, YELLOW colors), Graphic bar & Input / Unit display(RED)
Character size W:6.4mm×H:11.0mm(12 Segment) / W:1.4mm×H:2.75mm(Unit)
Output Current : 0 ~ 20mA (Controlling the range of output), Load resistance Max.600Ω
Voltage : 0 ~ 10VDC (Controlling the range of output), Load resistance Min.10KΩ
Alarm :
1 point – Relay contacting point capacity 250VAC 1A 1a
2 point – Relay contacting point capacity 250VAC 3A 1a
4 point – Relay contacting point capacity 250VAC 1A 1a
Indicating Accuracy ±0.2% FᆞS ±1Digit(25±5℃), ±0.3% FᆞS ±1Digit(-10~20℃, 30~50℃)
※But, Under – 100℃ in TC, ±0.4% F.S ±1Digit
※TC-T, TC-U are at Min.±2.0℃
Setting Method Set by Key
Input Sampling Cycle
  • Universal input:100ms(Analog input), 250ms(Temperature input)
  • Pulse input:Same as pulse input cycle
    If pulse input cycle is over 10 sec., it is updated every 10 sec
Function Alarm, Peak-hold, Digital input(Front key), Lock, Input special unit, Input scale, User compensation, Display scale, Output range, Input scale, Input & Output upper/lower expansion, Digital filter, Changing color for display/switching, Burn out
Internal Voltage 2000VAC 50/60Hz during a minute(Between input terminal and power terminal)
Internal Vibration 0.75mm Amplitude at frequency of 5~55Hz in each of X,Y,Z directions for 2 hours
Isolation Resistance Over 100MΩ(500VDC Mega STD.)
Internal Noise ±2KV the square wave noise (pulse width :1㎲) by the noise simulator
Internal voltage Depending on converter
Memory Retention About 10 years (when using non-volatile memory semiconductor)
Using Ambient Temperature -10~50℃(at non-freezing status)
Storage Temperature -20~ 60℃(at non-freezing status)
Using Ambient Humidity 35~85% RH
Weight Approx. 200g