KONICS Temperature Chart Recorder KRN50 Series
50mm heat transfer type paper recorder with recording and data logger functions. KRN50 series is 50mm compact hybrid recorder to display measuring value using LCD matrix display after measuring a wide variety of industrial inputs including temperature and analog and to record the data on record paper by direct thermal printing type. It is able to back-up the data by data logger function even if recording paper is empty and to transmit the measuring value in real-time.


  • 50mm thermal transfer method of paper recorder
  • Data logger function for recording without paper
  • Supports RS485 communication and dedicated communication port to set or monitor parameters in real-time by PC/PLC
  • Multi-input with high accuracy 0.2% level (RTD, TC, Analog)
  • 2-channel simultaneous recording in graphic mode and digital mode
  • High visibility and easy setting by LCD dot matrix
  • Supports various option I/O function
  • Small size (W96xH96xL100mm), light weight


Series KRN 50
Power Supply AC voltage 100-240VAC 50 to 60HZ
DC voltage 24 VDC
Allowable voltage range AC voltage 85 to 110% of rated voltage
DC voltage 90 to 110% of rated voltage
Power consumption AC voltage Max. 34VA
DC voltage Max. 79W
Display method LCD Dot matrix Display (resolution 128×32 Dot)
Input type RTD JPt100Ω, DPt100Ω, DPt50Ω, Cu100Ω, Cu50Ω (5 types)
TC K, J, E, T, B, R, S, N, C, G, L, U, PLII (13 types)
Analog – Voltage: -50.0 – 50.0mV, -199.0 – 200.0mV, -1.000 – 1.000V, -1.00 – 10.00V (4 types)
– Current: 0.00 – 20.00mA, 4.00 – 20.00mA (2 types)
※ For current input, connect external 50Ω B class(0.1%) high-accuracy resistor