The C105 temperature and pressure recorders have a tough circular steel case which, is suitable for installing under severe industrial conditions. The door has a strong polycarbonate window.


The recorders utilise sealed ink capsules with built-in fibre-tipped pens which are replaced simply and without mess. Single pen recorders and the first pen of two pen recorders trace in red ink; the second pen of two pen recorders traces in green ink.

Charts and chart drives

The standard chart durations are one revolution every 12 hours, 24 hours or 7 days, the chart drive being either an electrical or a mechanical (clockwork) motor. Alternatively a 24 hour or a 7 day electrical chart drive with its own built-in, recharging reserve power unit, can be selected. This version gives a continuing trace through a mains failure. When running “normally” in the fully charged condition the power unit accumulator holds enough capacity to drive continuously for five days.


Accuracy ±1% FSD
Chart Drive Synchronous electric or mechanical spring wound. 12 hour, 24 hour or 7 day rotation – other rotations on request.
Inking System Disposable fibre tipped pen.
Single pen : Red
2 pen : Red and green
Charts 255 mm diameter, circular charts
Case C105: Steel body with foam moulded door and glass window. Polycarbonate doors are fitted as standard to recorders with pressure ranges above 60 Bar
Power Supply 200 to 250 volts, 50Hz (60Hz available)
100 to 120 volts, 50Hz (60Hz available)