Workshop Facilities And Services

  • Repair / Service of Smoke Density Monitors, Water level control, Modulating feed water system – Controller, Modulating valves
  • Manufacturing of Smoke Density Monitors (Brand : BESTRO – Made in Malaysia)
  • Repair / Service of Separators, Purifiers, Decanters, Pumps
  • Dynamic Balancing – All types of Separators Bowls
  • Reconditional of Separators
  • Welding / Hardchrome plating / Plasma spray / Corrosion control
  • Modification of Machinery, Pumps, etc.
  • Precision Engineering, Metal Fabrication & General Machinery

Electrical Works

  • Supply of Electrical Switchboards and carry out Electrical / wirings jobs

Other Available Services

Pneumatics, Hydraulic & Steam Valve Systems

Effluent Pond Flow Meter Monitoring

CCTV Systems

Mechanical / Digital Recorders

Calibration Services

Conveyor Parts

Controls Equipment Repair


Purifier / Separator Parts

De-sanding systems

Modulating Control Systems

Hi-Lo Water Level Control Systems

Solar Systems


Our team of experienced and qualified personnels with diverse experiences and skills are ever ready to provide installation, commissioning, testing, setting and calibration for all instrumentation related to our industry.

Consultancy and facilitation on devices on site is also supported such as systems design, mechanical alteration as well as after sales services.

Instrument calibration is also provided for most instrumentation and meters currently used in the market with certification.